A selection of our work


Hollywoodjosh - Professional Boxer



NIHR/Wellcome UCLH Clinical Facility

Patient Info Brochure (including photography on pages 4, 6 and 11) (August 2015)

Banners (April 2015)



Health Executive Summit Brochure (September 2013)

IDC Data Summit Brochure (May 2013)

Banking Forum Italian Invites (November 2012)

Ricoh Invite and Ricoh banner (October 2010)

BPM SOA Conference (September 2010)


EM Skills

Implementing Functional Skills for Practitioners and Managers (January 2013)


Conases/GSES (in Italian): large-scale posters

Italian Pioneers of Solar Energy (Solar Expo 4-6 May 2011)

EuroSun 2008 Congress, Lisbon (7-10 October 2008)

The Story of Solar Energy Conference (December 2008), and the World Energy Expo (12-15 November 2007)